Thursday, December 1, 2011

I've missed you, December

Dear December,

Hello. Remember me? Last time we met I was in a bit of a fog7 months pregnant; completely consumed by my art and preparing for my final show. You provided a beautiful respite after my show was up. I think I lazed around for weeks needle-pointing Ada's stocking. 

But not this year, December. This year I want to take you by storm. I want to devote a bit of time each day to doing three things:
1. dancing to a Christmas song
2. doing something Christmas-y as (per our advent calender's instructions)
3. sketching for 15 minutes
I know. There are lots of things to keep me busy enough without throwing in festivities and the like, but I'm a bit smitten with you, December, and I want to keep things interesting this month.


Festively yours,
said advent calender
Truth be told most of those envelopes are still empty (filling more of them is on today's to-do list). Some envelopes just have a little treat in them, others will soon hold a note directing use to an activity of some sort (think ice skating, reading a new Christmas book, taking a walk to see the lights), and others will have scriptures or quotes to read together. 

A bit cheesy? Maybe. But I'm actually quite excited to have a reason to do some research on what Christmas events and activities are in the area and actually do them.

I went to the tourist office yesterday and got a 9 page print outIN ITALIANof things to do during the month of December. Guess whose new friend is Google Translate?

Advent Calender Day 1 - Chocolate (we're starting things off simple)

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erin said...

what a great advent calendar. love that some days are simple. like reading a book, or thought. what a wonderful way to celebrate the season. AND we like dancing over here, so 10 points for that :)

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