Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I'm here, moved into my new domain, my new space, my seemingly completely new life. How is it possible that just a few hours and a couple boxes can totally jolt your world?

Melissa and I went early to "check in" but decided that we were too hungry to start moving in all of our stuff. And maybe a little part of us wanted to postpone the move just a little longer so we could still feel grounded. We had french toast. She likes to dip hers in syrup. I'd rather pour it all over on top. Nuances like these I'm sure will continue to grace our experience living together.

It didn't feel real when I walked in the door. Actually, that's not completely true. It did feel real. It felt like a completely real EFY. I was just waiting for a super, pseudo-happy, bubbly counselor to knock on the door and give me a Blow-Pop. No such luck. Instead I was greeted by strangers, a room mate, Jilian, who by my initial appraisal seemed to be a nice and cheery person, and her entire moving crew (aka: family). My moving crew consisted of Michelle. She was great to come and help me haul my mangy egg boxes from grandma's house, bins, and containers of various shapes and sizes up three flights of stairs to my new abode.

Once it was all moved in, the shock that it was for real hit me. I surveyed the scene, trying to decide how I felt about this rite of passage. The only response my sense sent me were butterflies, so I concluded that excitement was the way to feel and Michelle and I started the process of organizing the mass of stuff that we shoved into my itty-bitty living space. It looked like the drop-off zone at D.I. minus the foreign, spanish-speaking workers who put it all away for you. Nothing I brought fit into its box. The contents of everything were spilling in all matter of directions and the mess was nothing short of amazing. I've been accused of having OCD but I think my packing job could prove otherwise.

It's all in now, settled neatly onto shelves and nestled into bins and drawers. It's incredible it all fit. When Melissa and my stuff was everywhere, I was skeptical, but organizational skills were at work as we played Tetris with our things and put it all away.

I think I'm going to like it here. It's "cozy" to say the least.

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