Monday, April 30, 2012

Megaphone Man

It must be spring because construction projects have sprung up around the neighborhood. A power tool was buzzing loudly when a man across from us flung his shutters open started yelling, "Signore! Signore! Sentimi?" Not getting a response he went inside and found his electric megaphone and began again.

You know, every just has one, right? I keep mind right next to the dustpan.

It made that little electric click and crackle sound before his voice boomed, "SIGNORE! SIGNORE! SENTIMI ADESSO? I wanted so badly to back up from hanging laundry so I could get a good look at Megaphone Man. The episode was just too funny.

Instead I kept on shaking, clipping and hanging clothes until the damp pile turned into two straight rows.

I'm not sure if the construction worker was tuning him out, or if he just  had a really good set of ear plugs, but Megaphone Man eventually straightened his out-leaning body and closed his shutters and I went inside smiling.

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