Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Confident in her own skin

I'm still in the phase of life where I welcome every birthday because it makes me feel less like a baby (with a baby). Similarly, I like thinking my siblings are right along my side, getting older too.

My baby sister turns 20 today. Hooray! (It's crazy to me to think that when I turned 20 I had been engaged for a week. I feel even more crazy about it now than I did then. But also even more glad).

My relationship with all my siblings is something I truly treasure. Being here, close to all of them, has made me realize even more how great it is to grow up in a big family, surrounded by teasing and tickles and tough love. Being the middle sister had all sorts of perks. I will be forever grateful for my two sisters who cushioned me on either side from things that could have hurt me. I'm a lucky one I am.

Lil' Lou (though, now that Ada Lou has followed suit in the nickname department we might just have to start calling her Big Lou) has taken on womanhood with grace. What a fitting middle name she has—Grace. When I think back just a few years to the self-absorbed typical teenager she was, it makes even more overwhelmed to see how far a person can come in just a few short years. Alison is beautiful. She is confident. She is comfortable in her own skin (and while I think that quality is worn beautifully on just about everybody, it's especially beautiful on her). She is hilarious and goofy and fun. She's tough. She has become a woman with sincere thoughts and opinions. She's a thinking girl and I feel lucky that she often bounces her thoughts off of Mike and I. Alison is caring. And she's also a sassy-pants.

Happy 20th birthday my radiant little sister. I'm so glad we're toiling away together in this life journey of ours. I can't wait to see where yours takes you.

All the love in the Universe,

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Alicia said...

This captures her beautifully and perfectly. Happy Birthday Al!

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