Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We carved pumpkins last night while listening to Kate Nash's Pumpkin Soup (I know the lyrics have nothing to do with Halloween, but I listen to it every October nonetheless), and Ben Gibbard's Thriller cover.

I took over the small pumpkin, while Ada and Mike tackled the big guy. With a Sharpie.

Yikes. It was so ugly. And to make it even uglier, I added glasses.

We all laughed. Me at the pumpkin, Mike at me, and Ada at the two of us.

We had hearty bread, with jam and spreads, chili and squash. While I was washing up Ada and getting her ready for bed, I came into the kitchen to see Mikey separating out the pumpkin seeds. He left them in the big stainless colander and I assumed I'd put them in after running to the grocery store. When I got back the house smelled like roasting seeds. That Mikey. What a keeper. He seasoned them with a few spicy spices (of course) but they're addictive. Like, I'm contemplating buying another pumpkin just for the seeds.

Today Ada and I biked to the National Mall and went to the Museum of Natural History. It's probably our favorite. There's lots of space to roam and wonder. On Tuesdays the Butterfly Pavilion is free. We got our complimentary ticket and hoped in line before taking a walk through the greenhouse-like tunnel absolutely brimming with butterflies.

Have I mentioned how magical Capitol Hill is in the fall? Every time we go out I can feel my heart filling with grateful thoughts. By the time we get home it's nearly bursting. The ride home together was perfect. The leaves in the District are just beginning to change and fall. We pedaled up Jefferson Drive, along the Mall, and had the street nearly to ourselves. We passed the pool in front of the Capitol Building and watched dozens of seagulls land and take flight again. We rode up the hill on the grounds of the Capitol, and finally ended up at the top where a hundred tourists had their cameras out.

East Capitol may be the most pleasant street to bike down in the whole District. We stopped at a traffic light and waved to the police man parked on his motorcycle. We cut through Lincoln park on the way home and all the while I kept thinking, "Man I have it so good. How do I always find so much to complain about?"

Today was one of those days that are so calm and reassuring that you're sure something crazy is about it hit. I hope the craziness is just more calm perfect crisp Autumn days. Wouldn't that be wild?


Jessie said...

beautiful post paige!! ada is getting so grown up--she is darling! what i would give to have museums within walking distance! i'm almost growing tired of all two things that nephi has to offer: the library and the park :)

Two said...


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