Monday, August 27, 2007


It is only appropriate to start a blog as I embark on numerous other "firsts." Today's task was a commencement of sorts--packing. Never before have I delved so deeply into the fuzzy corners of my closet and room, only to discover scraps of things that, once strung together, make up my memories. Sometimes it took a moment to find the file in my brain that stored the memory to unlock the secret of the object I found. I stumbled upon droves of letters and a horde of every ticket stub to every movie, theatrical performance, concert or other such ticketed event I have attended in the last, oh many five years, of my life. Why did I save all of those? Perhaps it's to remind me just how much money I've spent on entertainment over the years...or maybe to remind me of all the fun things I've done with people I love to be around. I realized just how many t-shirts I have but never wear, yet still fold and place on my shelf, and just how many pairs of shoes I have to cram into my new closet. How does one accumulate so much?

It's amazing how chaotic things got in the process of "consolidating" "organizing" and "packing up" my belongings. By mid-day the floor was littered with all sorts of odds and ends and I once again got caught up in reminiscing. Slowly the dingsbums found their way into boxes and some sort of semblance of order. Now that everything is snug in a box at the foot of my spray-painted bunkbed I wonder how I'm supposed to fit all of it into the pocket-sized space allotted to me so generously by BYU.

So ready or not, here I come. The process thus far of stepping in a new direction has been nothing short of tedious and time-consuming and maybe a little tiring, but I am prepared to launch.

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