Friday, October 26, 2007


I almost got hit by a car today. It was the closest I think I have ever been to losing a limb.

I was going to see Hairspray with my mom and sisters at the dollar movies and since it was a Friday night, the parking lot was packed. I ended up having to park near Coldstone and because I spent too much time weaving methodically between the rows and rows of cars, I was a little tardy getting in to meet the rest of the clan. As soon as I parked I began running to the theater - cutting through grassy medians, and shooting out between cars. Maybe it was partially my fault because No one really expects a sprinter in a parking lot, but Mr. Buick literally screeched around the corner and slammed on his brakes after seeing me. Apparently he was late to his movie as well. He was driving much too fast for a parking lot. I looked at him, stunned at the fact that his bumper was now resting 8 inches from my leg, gave him a "Holy crap!" face and continued to jog to the movie.

I was out of breath as I arrived and people were staring (possibly at my dashing good looks rather than my wow-I'm-out-of-shape gasping?) but soon enough I was comfortable in the dark theater watching brightly colored boys and girls dance all over the screen.


Michelle said...

I, for one, am very glad that you didn't die.

Michelle said...

By the way, I'm reading your blog instead of writing my paper... :)

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