Friday, October 26, 2007


Today it hit me. I'm in college. You'd think that I would have realized this a few months ago, and I guess I did cognitively, but it's still sinking it. The first tip off (tonight) that I wasn't at home anymore was the fact that I was using "Mardi Gras" Napkins to wipe with because we go through A ROLL A DAY. How it's possible? I don't know. All I know is that none of us are used to buying toilet paper at all let alone biweekly. So after going through two boxes of tissues and a roll of paper towels, we're down to the napkins and TP has become the number one priority on the grocery list. This is just one evidence that I have officially moved out (even though not really away) from home. I documented a few other evidences.

Exhibit A: the garbage. I think it's ALWAYS full. It's stunning really how much trash we produce and even though we recycle our paper and cans, it really stacks up.

Exhibit B: The cupboards. They are filled with highly processed, easy-to-make, ready-to-eat, delights. Roommate and I have pistachios, frosting, Nutella, granola, spaghetti, trail mix, bagels, and a rouge can of Pringles. Now doesn't all that sound like great fixins for a meal?

Exhibit C: My personal favorite- the fridge. It is ridiculous. It is either stocked with leftovers that never get eaten, or completely empty. All that I photographed is pretty much all that is in there. The one thing that we never run out of is yogurt. I think our fridge produces it over night. Perhaps you'd like some? My favorite is Keylime. Too bad everyone else on campus likes it too so it's always sold out at the creamery. Bummer.

Lastly, just us. We get stuck in our clothes, and have silly moments. Our hair is always askew to match our frazzled brains and tired eyes. College definitely takes a toll on you physically, but it's fun. Wiping with napkins is always a joy.

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Gritty Pretty said...

haha! very funny post that reminded me of cost-cutting tricks such as splitting open the tube of toothpaste to use every last bit. as for t.p. sometimes i would roll up some extra from a public bathroom to take home. oh geesh.

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