Thursday, October 4, 2007


I had lunch with a friend today. We went with the intent of telling stories and getting to know eachother better, but I walked away with more than that. I learned more about myself, I learned about how connected human kind is and I also learned how surprising people can be.

As he spoke about the last few years of his life, I couldn't help but see parallels in, not only my own life, but also the lives of those who are close to me. Similar experiences and words even, graced his story which triggered cognative memories in my own mind, reminding me how people are bound through similar experience, even if they don't know it. I was surprised how much depth he had and how his struggles have shaped him. It was refreshing to gain a perspective and see him with new eyes.

When I left and was walking to my class, I was stuck pondering how people are essentially alike. We all have the same mortal probation and each of us have trials that, although are specific to us, are so alike the hard things that others around us are going through. It made me wonder how many people I know have been through the same things I have gone through. What if everyone had little thought bubbles above their head that told about their monumental struggles? Would we show more charity? Would we have more understanding? Would our capacity to not judge be heightened? Would we be more inclined to be their friend? Or, would we realize how alike we are, and yearn for someone who knows exactly what we've been going through?

Luckily, we know that Christ has suffered all things. Every temptation, pain and imaginable hurt has been taken upon his magnificent shoulders. He wears no thought bubble, nor was every struggle detailed, but I have confidence that He knows my heart and the hearts of those around me and can provide comfort beyond any mortal soul.

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