Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I overheard a girl lamenting about how "January is like 31 Mondays." It made me sad to hear this. I think January is like a fresh start, a new beginning, the dawn of a clean chapter. It's like putting on a clean pair of pants to greet the morning. January is beautiful!

January means:
- resolutions
- ice skating
- birthdays
- school
- trees decorated with ice and snow
- scarfs
- socks

I can see how January could feel like 31 Mondays. Today was the year's coldest yet. Admittedly, I was squealing as Cousin and I walked back from class as the icy crystals once perched atop the buildings were blown down our necks. But as I reached the top of the fire escape stairs and looked out at the sky, I saw how the entire sky glittered as the wind lifted the brilliance off the ground and set it soaring.

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anon said...

paige you're beautiful and inspiring. when will you visit?

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