Monday, February 18, 2008


Our dream was realized.

I have so much to write about this weekend the task is somewhat daunting. But I'll take it in bites and probably multiple posts a day until I get out all I have to say, if only for my own sake.

I went into to work early Friday morning. As soon as things settled down I was able to meet The Mates in the parking lot and after a prayer and a few deep breathes, we excitedly began our drive. I took the first leg of the journey (being the best and most trusted driver, it was an honor to get us through and out of Utah before our next gas stop. Hooray for killer mileage and Room-M's killer parents for consenting to let us snag the van. Blessings upon your heads forever).

I couldn't sleep a wink during the entire drive. It was definitely a good thing while I was putting the pedal to the metal, but after M took the wheel, I really wished I could have turned my brain off. My mind was whirling and my stomach was still in Provo. It was a mix of things that kept coming back to the fact that we actually pulled it off. I went to work Friday morning not knowing if we were actually going to make it. To put it simply, we were:

Since I couldn't sleep, I was dubbed the driver pamperer from the Queen herself while she drove. To pass the time I took pictures in excess. No flashes were allowed in the car for safety reasons and there really isn't much to photograph on a dark, deserted desert freeway, but these kept me entertained. Maybe they could look rad blown up large and abstract and displayed in a series? One things is for sure, the sky was so cool that night. I looked so dark and foreboding, like a warning not to continue. But we drove through the red and into the dark in hopes of finding the sun.

After a little over 9 hours of drive time we arrived in El Segundo, California, our new home for the next 72 hours. It all seems so silly. We blew up a few air mattresses to share and after wrestling for prime spots, we slept soundly with smiles on our faces.

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