Saturday, February 2, 2008


Yesterday evening was filled with many things. To name a few?

Fajitas. It's been so long since we've actually cooked a meal and boy was it not only fun to sit and chop peppers and onions and tomatoes, but it was nice to eat together and feel like we were actually nourishing ourselves. Sometimes college is gross.

We rushed to here after to listen to them play a few songs. It was good and a lot of fun, something new to do on a weekend. I was put in charge of photos. We had a little too much fun with the red light, but we couldn't help but snap a few.

After the show we jetted to Peaks for some indoor soccer action. Lo and behold they WON which was exciting to all who were in attendance and I must say I think we had a record number of fans. Maybe there is a golden fan-to-score ratio and we struck it big with our above-and-beyond support?

The team they played was classic. One player who wears yellow shoes and capros (capros: man capris, akin to the "bro" from a well know Seinfeld episode) looks like Prince.

Needless to say the camera was out the whole game (for those slightly less than exciting moments of game play) and we had a lot of laughs taking ridiculous pictures of ourselves.

There was a BYU stake dance starting up as we were leaving the game so we decided to crash for a bit and get our groove on. It has been since high school that I've been to a dance, even if it was just a cheesy stake dance at Peaks Arena. The initial incentive to dance was to warm up our absolutely frozen bodies. Watching a soccer game is not really an activity that you get a lot of friction/body heat/other warming mechanisms going, so we were thoroughly frigid from watching a soccer game AT AN ICE SKATING ARENA. Burr.

Luckily we were soon toasty in the car again . Thank you Dad for fixing my the air in my car over the Summer. It is still working like a breeze (no pun intended).

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