Sunday, March 23, 2008


Today at work I got to catch up with a good friend from high school. I forgot how much I love talking to her. Luckily we had a drive to chat and relate to one another. It was amazing how much she could empathize with things that have been going in my life lately. Nothing feels better than realizing that you're not alone; than having proof that someone else has been there and knows how it feels.

Sometimes He feels so far away. I know He has experienced it all, but it still feels good to have someone physically talking to me and relating their experiences in a very real way.

The scriptures pound principles and doctrine into our hearts and minds repeatedly. We need the redundancy and repetition. After it all, I still stumble. It makes me wonder what will make the things I learn stick for good. Diligence. I guess that's all I can do right now. But one thing that has been shown over and over again is that you are never, never, never, alone.

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