Monday, March 10, 2008


The past few days have been amazing as the Grands have taken us around their old stomping grounds and we've seen everything from the Laie Temple to the homeless tent bums. Today we went out to sea aboard the "Ko Olina Cat" where the blue waters met our eyes with sparkling, clear beauty. We anchored out after an hour or so of lounging on the nets that span the pontoons. We donned our snorkel gear and jumped into the blue.

I admit, I skimmed the waiver form, I have a hard time with the fine print, and soon I was in "open water" far away from the rest of the snorkelers. Little Sister followed me and we were playing near a big pipe that was creating a current. Apparently the captain spotted us and sent out a rescuer (aka Japanese Jack Sparrow. You just have to see his hair). It was slightly hilarious. I'm a pretty apt swimmer and with fins I can get where I need to be just fine, but they were scared I'd swim against the current for an hour and pass out and die? We got back easily and finished our swim near the rest of the group who were floundering about with their bulky underwater cameras and beer bellies.

For some reason the captain asked me my name on the way to the boat earlier in the day. Only me. I was his go-to girl "Paige, when we get to the ship . . ." "Okay? (Why are you telling me all this? I'm in the back). When we all got back on after our mini excursion he asked me over lunch, "Was that you all the way out there Paige?" "Why yes Todd, it was. How did you know?" He told me I just seemed like the "fiery type" What does that mean? Funny. That's all it meant to me. I'm fiery? Ha.

After lunch we set out again on a dolphin hunt. We struck gold. We came across a huge pod of them who swam under and around the catamaran for a long while. They spin and jumped, showed off and played. It was fantastic and I decided then and there that I could totally handle being The Little Mermaid. In the distance we saw something else lurking under the azure waves. We soon found out it was a baby Humpback Whale trailed by it's mama. Precious. Spectacular. National Geographic without turning the pages.

Now I should be doing homework before we do our facials and pedicures but . . . I don't want to.

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Anonymous said...

did they take you snorkeling out at electric beach? i think i did that exact same tour last time i was in hawaii, at ko olina.

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