Tuesday, April 1, 2008


When the clock struck midnight, Roommate got a brilliant idea and we sprung into action, christening the new day with our first act of mischief. We swiped Gun's and Mish's bras, soaked them in water and set them carefully in the freezer atop a bags of frozen peas, raspberries and edamame. They were out, and we were lying in our beds waiting for our giggly minds to drop off so we could get some sleep.

Just before leaving to the devotional, Otherroommate and I sneaked into the kitchen, snagged the bras and set them back in their room. The bras looked like they were defying all sort of physics laws with their suspended straps and balancing positions, and we were so excited for the two of them to wake up confused and befuddled.

Obviously we are out of pranking practice.

Today has honestly been uneventful. Maybe I'm writing this too soon, there are still a solid 8+ hours left in the day, but it has been incredibly blah, when it should be full of surprises, anticipation, laughter and sabotage.

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