Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Does this photo make you:
a. Think of an old Disney tune
b. Reconsider Nessie's origin
c. Sing praises because you aren't smelling them
d. Hungry

If you answered c., you are correct. Congrats.

Remember this? I counted, sorted, measured and identified all my specimens. And then I promptly doused my body in Lysol and washed my hands for a good 40 minutes before proceeding to write about the experience and analyze my results for 14 pages.

I guess I learned a lot. I learned one thing for sure: I am horrible at writing scientific papers. Writing should be lyrical and moving. We're trained our whole lives to analyze books, poems and plays, maybe a concert or two. But throw nearly 150 Copepoda, 200 Trichoptera and a handful of Plecoptera into the mix and you've got the makings for several nights staying up past three wondering why you decide to make things so difficult for yourself.

It was quite a weightless feeling as I dropped my weighty "Nature Experience" in the box outside my professor's office door. I got one monkey off my back. After the 15th, I hope to be left with only a few monkeys to rid myself of before jetting far, far away.

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