Friday, May 9, 2008


I have watched this phenomena for years now: when boys are with other boys, the average IQ drops about 15 points and all of the sudden they turn into brutes chugging chocolate milk or seeing just how much paint thinner and magnesium it takes to make a light bright enough to burn your eyes.

Today I realized that I am not immune to the group IQ decrease. Is it as simple as peer pressure?

I have hung out with these two a lot on this trip and today found myself buying indoor soccer cleats (I had to use a random sock he found in his pocket on the way to the Tube. A little sketchy? I think so. . .) then eating a steamed pork bun while spilling juice down my shirt (because I lack the proper walking-while-eating-form). After dinner I challenged Z to an eating contest. One chimichanga as fast as you can. I won and after walked up to my room wondering, why did I do that?

Truth be told, I HAVE NO IDEA and what's worse, IT WAS FUN, and I realized NO ONE IS IMMUNE TO PEER PRESSURE. And I think if IQ points were tangible, a few of mine just slipped out my ear.

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Anonymous said...

Paige, on behalf of me and all my roommates, I am honored that you mentioned us in your blog. Thank you for acknowledging us and our collective stupidity! And thank you again for granting us the use of your paint thinner to facilitate a 15 point drop in our IQs! It really is quite flattering to be mentioned in your VERY famous blog.

Hope all is well.

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