Wednesday, May 7, 2008


O that I were a sponge and could have the wish of mine heart, that I might go forth and absorb everything beautiful and lovely, and remember everything I have learned!

Impressions from Canterbury:
- It was so meticulously designed and built. I was stunned by the intricacies and the sheer magnitude of the structure.
- There were so many side chapels and different places for congregations to sit. It was massive and complex, gaudy and foreboding. It made me appreciate the building for the beauty, but made me love our gospel and churches for the plain and simple things.
- Henry VIII will surely roast somewhere for whitewashing the interior of churches, smashing statues and basically defacing Christianity. Although, I did find a little chapel in the crypt that seemed to somehow evade his iconoclastic violence.
- I was impressed with the interconnectedness of church and state in the cathedral. Not only were there memorials and graves of archbishops and priests but generals and lieutenants from the British Army. Interesting considering the people in the states who want to wipe church out of everything secular.
- My journal is filled with notes of names and factoids that I want to research later. Learning here is so meaningful because I'm right in the action. We learn about something, and we go see it. The experience isn't comparable to anything I've ever done before.

Impressions from Rye:
- The city was quaint and beautiful, but not breathtaking or moving.
- There's just not a whole lot of history there so it seemed like my experience wasn't as deep or central to my experience here.
- I still contend that Meissen kicks Rye trash. That village is amazing^to the tenth power.

Impressions from Beachy Head:
- I have never been more wind blown. All I wanted to do was fly a kite and I was so bummed I didn't think to pack one . . .
- It was beautiful. The white chalky cliffs that guard the Souther Coast of England seemed like a banner announcing your arrival to an incredible place.

O that I were a sponge . . .


Little Light said...

o that I were a flea and could have traveled in your suitcase...

Hosander said...

make a kite!

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