Thursday, June 12, 2008


While spending a few hours in Kensington painting near the Orangery, my attention was diverted left to a Japanese pair sitting on a bench opposite me. The a man spoke to a woman at his side and said, "You know, that girl over there impresses me. She reminds me of a poor girl I met years ago in Japan who had a passion for art. . ."

He went on to explain how she came to him time and time again asking not for money or food, but paper and pencils, brushes and paint. And he gave them to her, feeding her love for making art. "She could just look at my face and make a picture that looked the same," he expressed his sheer delight like he was staring at the picture right then. "Years later she called me to report she was invited to a convention to speak as one of Japan's top three animators. I laughed as she gloated that now she makes more money than me. . ."

The painting I made wasn't great. But I was inspired by this mans compassion on a young girl who was driven to succeed. It just made me wonder: how much can I do with enough dedication and persistence?

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