Tuesday, July 1, 2008


6:25 wake up for morning familial rituals
6:50 convince myself I should exercise
7:15 run/Gym/Justify to myself why I don't need to exercise (aka: I'm riding my bike today, I'll be lifting at work, my body says "no!")
8:30 take a pill
8:31 eat breakfast
8:45 shower and ready myself for the day
9:30 read the newspaper and catch up on current events
10:30 make my to-do list
10:40 grab a snack
10:55 leave for errands
11:00 get in a scooter accident, end up smashed between the curb and the scooter, but no worries, the 4 Galaxy Bars and the apple in my bag remain unscathed
11:30 try again to run errands
12:00 hang with OlderAndWiserToo and Pseudosister whilst continuing errands
1:20 go to work
1:30 work
9:45 leave work, bedraggled
9:50 take coworker home
10:00 pull up at the 'rents and realize how much my body hurt
10:10 leave for the airport
11:05 arrive at the airport
11:35 leave the airport
11:40 sleep in the backseat, sigh periodically in my sleep (according to outside sources)
12:40 arrive at home, more bedraggled
12:45 fall asleep fully dressed, with my shoes on, on top of my covers
3:00 change into my jammies, remain on top of my covers, sleep for 3+ more hours

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