Saturday, August 2, 2008


It's smaller than a pea and yet I think it's making me placid, apathetic, heavy, moody, irritable, uninterested, ornery. On one front I'm radiant and clear. On the other I'm curmudgeonly cramming the wretched things down my throat and watching myself swell. Now I'm in a conundrum.

Did I mention that there are three mosquito bites on my left foot? I'm going to start lathering my body in DEET before stepping outdoors. Or maybe I'll invest in a zapper. Or a small child to follow me around inspecting my person and making sure the little suckers aren't stealing from my veins. If DB were here, he'd tell me to stop scratching. I. Can't. Stop.

1 comment:

Anderson., M.N. said...

Were those "wretched things" the chocolate covered strawberries? Ha ha.

Oh, and turns out "curmudgeonly" is a word. I had no idea and I'm feeling a little ashamed that you out vocabulary-ed me.

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