Sunday, August 10, 2008


I raced home from work to watch the storm. Ever since we moved into our current house with the big bedroom windows and the shake roof, I have snuck out my window, leaned my back against the gray, wood siding, and looked out over the Valley when the nights were warm and my heart felt a longing. Summer nights just seem to beg for the attention. And sometimes a moment of quiet reflection is all I need to feel filled. The nights when the sky is alight with stormy weather, I am practically pulled from my bed and find myself pulling out the screen before hoping out into the night.

Tonight was an incredible display. The flashes turned the trees into silhouettes. The clouds became illuminated and I sat and stared until my eyes grew heavy and the lights grew less frequent. I clambered back into my room, the one that still doesn't feel like home, and wrote down the few thoughts of gratitude that were scribed on my heart.

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