Thursday, August 28, 2008


Interviewing Loud Grandma yesterday was like watching a film in my head.

Her stories conjured pictures that danced in my mind with her words. Images of starlit beaches and sitting in front of the television while her compulsive mother meticulously put her hair in pin curls. I saw her leaving for school all polished and dressed to the nines an coming home with scraggly hair and her clothes all in a frump from the wiles of recess. I pictured her olive green, v-neck pullover that set her apart in the social spectrum at Alhambra High. I saw her meeting Grandpa and realizing she loves him. "It was just comfortable," she kept telling us.

It sunk in again as she spoke that I come from a long line of women who I am so similar to. It's amazing how genetics really do determine our quirks and personality. I never knew that I was like her in so many ways. And I felt proud, and strong, and like I could make a difference after listening. Family is empowering.

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