Thursday, September 4, 2008


I've always been bothered by the Blue Scare that has seemed to hold my blood-red state in a vice grip since FDR.

I wish a lot of things for the world. I wish we would all recycle. I wish everyone would burst into song and feel pure and piercing joy as music left them in elation. I wish we hard tougher skins and softer hearts. I wish waste wasn't common place. . . the list could go on for days.

But one thing I really wish, is that people would just take the time to read. Reading spawns thought and not only that, it shows that you, as a human, are interested in something other than yourself. You're interested what others think about the same things that consume your thoughts day in and day out. (Unless they don't, in which case you're detached from yourself and should jumpstart your brain with a good book). An incredible and entirely unhuman thought. To think, thinking about someone else's thinkings?! Unheard of. I wish we read what other humans thought about our country, or read about what those proposing to preside over it really have to say. I wish we would read about current events and learn about things out of arms reach. I wish we would read about not only issues and problems, but possible solutions and progress.

But above all, I wish for more time to read.

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Anderson., M.N. said...

"I wish we hard tougher skins and softer hearts."

Is this my line? Not that I don't trust your ability to turn a phrase but I honestly I wrote this down not too long ago in my journal or something.

And unlike you with your claiming "textation" without representation, I can prove it.

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