Thursday, September 11, 2008


It didn't even hit me that today was the eighth anniversary of this until hours after breakfast. It crossed my mind a few more times throughout the day, I thought about this book, and made a goal to stop by this exhibit.

The exhibit has a participatory element where the patron writes their feelings about that tragic day on the small tags that adorn the four wire walls that surround the mirrored pyramid and the books of portraits of those lost.

I didn't write about sadness or remorse on my tag. I didn't mention death or destruction, hatred or love. I didn't say the word "remember" or reference a feeling of loss. I simply said that on that day America felt what it was to be unified. Over 90 countries had citizens affected directly that day and for a moment we were all suspended together, disbelieving. What a large price to pay to remind us how there is strength in love and power unity.

Too often I think we feel weak. We sit and think about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack, or lament about this war, that war, and the other war. Our brains are busy worrying about all the wrong in our country. When will time be taken again when we can look to a bright future to build us? When will we turn off our dismal minds and remember that we have been given a gift? I believe in unity. I believe in love. And most of all I believe that there is might in us yet.

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