Thursday, October 2, 2008


Sometimes something someone says in a whisper is the scariest thing you could ever hear. Because you think it could be true.


frederique said...

funny you should ask, i was just getting ready to put some more up so it will refresh my memory.

i assume you have gmail, have you ever used google pages? and you can create three different pages under your email address. all you do is upload the song file on the left side of the window. once it is done you right click on that link and copy the link. bring it into blogger and post it as a hyperlink. it should happen that when clicked on it will immediately start downloading. if not all you need to do is right click the link and click download file.

let me know how it goes. or if i need to explain better, sometimes i am bad at that.

mjots said...

you make me sick. your cute banner. your cute blog. your cute self. too cute!

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