Wednesday, December 17, 2008


You know it's finals week when you're on day three of only having one contact in because you can't remember one more thing in the morning. I just finished taking three of five and the little engine who could mentality is keeping me chugging through everyday. I'm thinking that the last three days of the dull headache I've had since December started maybe be contact (or lack of contact) induced. We'll have to see how my head fares after putting in a fresh pair.

The best part about forgetting about my contact is that I just remembered that only have one in. And I painted my final project this morning. Problem? I hope not.

In other events, I felt vindicated for years of studying roots while playing this today. I'm basically a vocab master.

I thought I was done posting until the boy across from me in the terrace blew his nose into his used taco wrapper, and then followed up with a nice piece of tissue/wax paper. Maybe I should offer to walk 28 steps to the restroom to grab him a tissue. Or maybe he'd just prefer my sleeve.

1 comment:

medicus said...

Oh Mr. Ostenson...those roots will always burn in our brains.

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