Saturday, January 31, 2009


While studying for my D&C test I was thinking a lot about the Prophet Joseph Smith and the events surrounding the First Vision. It's not surprising to me that the story is hard to swallow; that the facts are hard to wrap your mind around. Joseph Smith's life up until 1820 was not miraculous, he was just a simple farm boy. He wasn't schooled, nor was he able to do much beyond reading and writing. And yet, God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him in a grove of trees. After fervent prayer and much searching for which true was the right one, he had a vision and was asked to established the only true and living church upon the earth once more.

How could someone so ordinary see God? How could God use such an imperfect vessel to bring about His work? It seems too miraculous to think that just a boy saw Heavenly Father, but I find great comfort in the fact that even Joseph Smith, an imperfect man, was able to bring about such greatness. How much better am I suited in bringing about the work of God. We can do so much good and I know this, because the Lord his shown that he uses people with insecurities and bad habits--those who are selfish and unkind, those who set their hearts upon things of this world, and those with a myriad of other shortcomings--to build the Kingdom of Christ.

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camille said...

i am so glad i discovered your blog.


p.s. my word verification is "lamerion." that sounds like an ancient person. i can just picture a nasally history professor:
"the rise and fall of the lamerion population..."

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