Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My toast was cold by the time the honey, practically creeping out of the the Honey Bear, was evenly spread on my toast. There are few things worse than cold toast. Cold toast is like eating a raw potato--completely unpleasant.

So I popped the toast in the microwave for 15 seconds (you may think this is excessive, but our microwave rivals me in age so it takes a little longer to heat things up). There are a myriad of pros and cons for using a microwave. Someone told me once that microwaves zap all the nutrients out of food. You put in a carrot and what you come out with is akin to Styrofoam in nutritional value. This may be true. But I love microwaves because it's like a mini time trial.

As soon as I hit the "start" button I like to see just how much I can accomplish before the timer dings. During my 15 seconds of microwave use today, I put away the salt and pepper shakers, twisted up the bag of potatoes and put them back, zipped up the cheese and placed it in the drawer in the fridge, and I wiped the counters. That is what I call productivity.

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