Thursday, April 2, 2009


I finally bought shoes to wear with my wedding dress today. It has been more of a task than I anticipated, but eBay came to the rescue.

There is something strangely exciting about shopping on eBay. Not only is there a heightened sense of anticipation and suspense, but there is this great reward at the end. If you are the highest bidder, eBay kindly informs you that YOU WON! You have the fantastic opportunity of PAYING MORE MONEY THAN ANY OTHER SCHMO would pay for that item! What a lucky winner.

I got to be a lucky winner today. It felt great. It was like I was applauded after my purchase, like a big cybercrowd was cheering me on as I was granted the chance to cough up the cash.

But my satin ivory flat are one their way. 3 weeks from today. It's. Un. Real.

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