Monday, June 1, 2009


One of the first things that caught me off guard when I started my current job was Mimic's absolute fixation with dogs. I'm convinced that no other kid in the Capitol has a captivation with canines like this one.

She gets it from her father.

On one of my first days here we went on a walk and he was showing me the neighborhood. Soon we met Diva, a Corgi with bat ears and a large stick in its mouth. (Whenever Mimic sees a stick she enthusiastically shouts, "DIVA!") Diva's owner is Alice. Alice asked me, "Have you met Cookie or Teddy?" "No I don't think so are th--" "Well," she butt in, "Cookie is a little tan Spaniel and just a doll. I mean, there are few dogs sweeter. Don't you agree? And Teddy is equally as nice and just absolutely in love with Mimic. He's a ten week old, 30-pound Bernese Mountain Dog. He's quite playful. "

There are a few things strange about this.

A) No one ever talks about the dog's owners, it's all about the pooches. In fact, Alice doesn't even know Teddy's owner's name, which must make for awkward conversations when they run into each other without man's best friend.
B) Ten weeks? THIRTY POUNDS?! And it plays with a baby less than HALF IT'S SIZE? Yeah right. We'll avoid Teddy.

Mimic's family has a dog. It's name is Navy (Mimic lovingly refers to her as "Fuzzy") and she's one of the most geriatric creatures I've never met. Mostly blind, mostly deaf, mostly taste deprived and incontinent, she makes for a great pet. That is, if you like stuffed animals. That pee.


Michelle said...

Hahahahahaha! Stuffed animals that pee... hahahahahaha! Choo are too funny.

Sarah Orme said...

k, i am not liking your tone about the doggies. i love them. think london

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