Friday, August 21, 2009


Here I am once again, packing. I don't think I've packed and unpacked a suitcase as many times in one month as I have this August.

First it was packing up our "apartment" in DC, then unpacking once we got to Mikey's parent's house where we spent the night packing for Havasu. We unpacked our bags down at the campsite and then packed back up three days later. We unpacked once we got home and then four days after that packed for our trip with Mikey's family. We unpacked for our few days in Las Vegas before packing up to go to California. We unpacked last Saturday and now I'm here, taking a break from packing, before heading home tomorrow. Then we'll unpack to do some laundry and go to church before packing up again to move into our new place.

I'm hoping we'll get to put the suitcases away for a few weeks after that.

I remember leaving Hawaii last March and my Gramma pointing out how organized and meticulous my packing is. The comparison with my sister's suitcase was almost comical. I like Tetris. I find myself playing it in real life all of the time. Especially when I'm packing a bag. I like right angles and the way that rolled and stacked clothes fit so tightly.

But mostly I'm just excited to Tetris all my things into their drawers and shelves in our new place.


Ariel Mae said...

Oh the joys of packing and moving. I hate it. But at least that shows that you had a WONDERFUL summer of traveling :)

Hey where are you two living once you finally get back to Provo?

Sarah Orme said...

i challenge you to tetris.

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