Sunday, March 7, 2010


If you've ever wondered why the U.S. invaded Iraq, or if you were ever bothered by President Bush's rigidity, or if you were ever felt like U.S. foreign policy has little to offer, read this New York Times report (and watch the clip half-way down the page).

Beautiful things are happening in Iraq, which covers a region of the world that has never had, at any point in history, the opportunity for self-government. Today, Iraqis are participating in the most legitimate election ever recorded in their land.

While many aspects of the 2003 U.S.-led invasion are difficult to defend, one thing is for sure: Without the invasion, Iraqis would not now be experiencing the kind of hope and patriotism that they are. The invasion may not have been the determining factor of such civil courage--credit is due to Iraqis themselves--but the invasion was certainly a necessary factor.

Let's hope for continued good news from the Iraqis. What great examples they are of people who defy the skeptics and the fear-mongerers.

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Elle and Jared said...

I didn't want to agree with this. But I do.

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