Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rest for your eyes...and brain

Okay, I get it. No one reads long posts. I don't even read other people's long posts. I don't think my mom even reads them, which is fine. She has spent her entire life reading what I write. BOR.ING.

So I put together a post of pictures on my other blog. While I have been reading loads, yes, I've also been looking at pictures for hours on end. ARTSTOR is my new bestie (sorry Mikey).

I'm working up an installation (which will be in addition to my paintings. In fact, I think my show is going to end up being quite an eclectic conglomeration of things...) for my final show. I'm getting really excited about it. So excited I had to call Mikey yesterday when I knew FULL WELL he was at work, but I wanted to shout, "IT'S FEASIBLE! I CAN HANG STUFF FROM THE LIGHT TRACKS!"

1 comment:

Anne said...

False. I read your long post. I always do. I just didn't have an intelligent comment. But here's a doozy for ya..."Masterful! A work of the most thoughtful kind. Couldn't put it down." --from the author's mother.
I love you. Whether your posts are fat or skinny.

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