Wednesday, August 18, 2010


We've had quite the week. My dear friend from Germany stayed with us and we shared a sun-filled ten days together.

She came in last Thursday and we walked downtown to have dinner at Guru's and I discovered not only does Guru's have a secret recipe for their fry sauce (yes, fry sauce has a recipe), but Caroline likes to eat it with a spoon.

Friday we explored parts of BYU. We went to the Education in Zion Exhibit, walked through the Annual Faculty Show, spent time in the Library, shopped at the Bookstore, went to the roof of the JFSB . . .

Saturday we went had breakfast with a few of Mikey's friends before she and I headed to the Park City Arts Festival. We liked only a handful of artists. One of my favorites was Olivia Mae Pendergast, although my favorite painting of hers isn't on the Phoenix Gallery website. We picked up Mikey from a day spent golfing and together we all went to his company party. It was quite a production and we had a great time. Caro couldn't believe what "an American experience" it was. We had J Dawgs and watched a sad match of kickball while eating ice cream and popcorn. Our one regret was not staying for the Karaoke contest. We're sure we could have made the podium.

Sunday was relaxed and beautiful. The Spirit filled our lessons and meetings at church and we spent much of the afternoon discussing gospel principles.

Monday we spent much too much time reading recipe books and exploring Blickenstaff's. Have you been there yet? It's magical. Caroline called it, "Paradise." It made me even more excited to be a mother. And buy books. And wooden toys. And a rocking horse. We went to an Italian film called Il Postino that afternoon and both of us cried. It was truly beautiful and if you have the chance, watch it.

Tuesday? Seven Peaks baby. How long has it been since you've ridden Cave In?

Wednesday we stopped by Hump Day Market before going out with Mikey's parents. They were nice enough to take us to La Jolla Groves (um, delicious). We talked the night away about patriotism, family, values, differences, and the future. I always love evenings spent with the crickets in the backyard, filling the air with ideas while they fill it with that endless Summer pulse.

Thursday we made a delicious dinner together while Mikey attended the bimonthly Provo Bicycle Committee Meeting. When he got back we ate together, like a little family of three (or four?)

Friday we played games with the family and drove around the city with the windows down. Again, I just keep falling in love with this place. I mean, I've spent my entire life here, but it feels new every Summer and familiar every Fall. I love it.

Saturday was our great adventure up north. We left that afternoon to pay homage to Robert Smithson's famous earthwork, The Spiral Jetty. We took the same car Mikey picked me up in for our first date (did I ever mention that he stalled the car that day?) and began a day trip to the Great Salt Lake. We passed the Golden Spike Memorial and stopped in for a big celebration and reenactment (reen-train-ment?) of the meeting of the Jupiter and the Union Pacific. It was interesting to see the train enthusiasts, but also fun to watch the steam blow out of these beautiful machines. Our day was fun, as was our week with inspiring Caroline.

Sweet Caroline
Mikey and Paigey
The gang atop the Defender
The dry, but beautiful, Spiral Jetty


eskapade said...
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Caroline said...

Oh Paige,
thank you for everything!

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