Thursday, August 19, 2010

Outside the womb

I'm loving the sound of loud thunder outside. It makes me feel cozy, like I'm in a womb too. I feel enclosed and safe while the sticks and leaves riding the backs of raindrops sail into the windows and sides of the house.

But I did venture out. I walked barefoot in the gutter for a few minutes and let my feet taste nature and concrete.

And so must we all? Venture out I mean. While we feel safe in our cocoons, what adventures await when we let our hair get wet and the smell of storms soak our clothes. I stood letting the rain run down my arms--it reminded me how alive I am--and then watched the drops dive off the tips of my fingers to the ground.

I stepped on a pokey. This often happens when we step outside our wombs. But I smiled when I realized that while it hurt, I didn't bleed.

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