Monday, October 11, 2010

We learned a lot this weekend

Our lives seem to be on the BAM BAM BAM track lately. Respite is seldom. And we like it that way (we're in training mode for a different sort of BAM BAM BAM needing-all-your-time-and-attention-bundle-of-joy on the way).

This weekend was no different. One of Mikey's best friends from high school was sealed in Salt Lake at 11:40am and we needed to be in Vegas before 7:00pm to pick up the packet for the bike race Mikey was riding in the next day. Well the sealing started 30 minutes late and we may or may not have driven from Salt Lake to just outside of Filmore with our parking break on (think EEEEEeeeee PSHOOO! I thought we were going to die).

Needless to say we got into Vegas much later than 7:00 and at 10 we realized Mikey left his biking shoes in Orem. Awesome.

We owe a humongous thank you to Mikey's brother and sister-in-law for taking such good care of us (and finding some shoes for Mikey to ride in). 

While Mikey biked nearly 60 miles, I bought 14 pounds of beeswax. Two major accomplishments. We left that night and made it as far as Beaver before neither of us could keep our eyes open so we pulled into the classy, classy Eagle's Landing Motel (which, to be honest, was nicer and cleaner than we expected for 45 bucks).

But here are some things we learned:
  • Double check that your e-break is off before you start driving.
  • Diet Coke is not a substitution for sleep
  • When helping another pack, you have to ask twice as many questions to make sure you've got everything
  • Highway patrolmen can pull two people over at once (if you're stupid enough to pull off behind the cop, like we are were).
  • If you have a copy of The Family: A Proclamation to the World on your lap, you're more likely to only get a warning from said patrolman (or the guy in front of you was pushing 95 with a trailer and seems like the bigger menace...)
  • Planning Sunday School lessons in the car is a way to pass the time on a road trip
  • Heavenly Father watches out for us and answers our prayers to keep us safe and happy.


Jessica Zincke said...

You look SO cute! Time is flying, it's so cool to see your weekly updates! (referring to your baby update post).

Fancy Nancy said...

Looks like life in the fast lane for Super Couple!

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