Monday, January 17, 2011

Friends of the Coalition

Hello friends. Did you vote to help Salt Lake raise $1 million for the homeless? Then I'm pretty sure you can help Utah County win $250,000 for the homeless. In fact, you can help out in three ways every day. I have been. We're currently ranked #35, so come on!


1.  Add Pepsi as a contact with 73774 as phone number.
2.  Text 105571 to Pepsi everyday throughout January. 


1.  Go to and search "Pepsi Refresh Voting App"
2.  Click "Go to App", click "Allow", then "Like"
3.  Click tab "Pepsi Refre...", click "Support ideas on Facebook"
4.  Search "Friends of the Coalition", "Vote for this idea", "Confirm"


1.  Visit
2.  In lower left, sign-in
3.  In the upper right, search "Friends of the Coalition"
4. "Vote for this idea"
HERE'S A LINK to more information about "Friends of the Coalition."

Vote, vote, vote away!!!

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