Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Refraining from resolving

I've thought a lot about resolution making the past few days (while I wasn't thinking about how to put my house together). I thought of a few things I could resolve to do, a few improvements I could make. I've always liked the idea of resolutions, fresh starts, goals. I also like that just a week after we celebrate the birth of our Savior, we resolve to be more like him and improve ourselves through his atoning power.

But this year of resolution-making has been different. One resolution (if you can even call it that) came easy: Become a Mom. But I stop every time I get close to making another goal. There are too many unknowns to try and anticipate the sort of resolutions I'll need/want/be able to handle.

So I decided that I'll hold off on resolutions until my baby girl arrives. What a better new beginning? Her arrival will mark a distinctly new chapter of my life. And while I'm sure my parenting slate will dirty quickly, I get to start with a clean one. Until then, I'll resist the impulse to join with the rest of the world in resolving to improve in various ways--that is, until my life is turned upside down and I'm sure I'll need resolutions and goals more than ever.

1 comment:

Croslands said...

good move, refrain.
but let's just get back to the previous post of "hurry down the birth canal tonight" that was funny and i'll be thinking about it as i tuck myself in. tell mikey thanks.

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