Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gold Medalist

You know your life has changed when the most exciting part of your day was finding a poop in your baby's diaper. And you know that you're never going back when you applaud your infant for nearly unloading on your husband's hand and then applauding and congratulating her like she had won an Olympic gold medal.

I love it.

The first few days have definitely provided both Mike and I with several curve balls. I thanked him for helping so much last night and he responded with "What? I nearly fed our baby a slushie!" We're still learning. I can't get over what classic first-time parents we are who worry about things like her mouth breathing and count soiled diapers obsessively (and cheer on our baby's bowel movements).

It's still sinking in that she's mine. Forever. Oh how I love her so, so and so!


monsieur fantasque said...

This post is hilarious. And it reminds me so much of the time, when my nephew was still a little baby. He had this green potty, that was shaped in the form of a seal. And everytime he peed, the seal played this funky dance music, while everyone one else was applauding.

Croslands said...

so happy for you.

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