Monday, February 7, 2011

The waiting game

While I've been really trying hard to keep myself occupied over the last few days, I think it's getting progressively harder to keep my mind busy.

I get asked a lot what I've been doing to keep busy. Well, I'm really busy moping and whining. And I take as long as I possibly can to do my hair. I've painted my nails three times in two days. And I have been getting ahead in my class. (My next assignment is due on February 23rd. And that's only because they haven't posted the assignments due beyond that date).

I went grocery shopping today and wasn't thinking. (I'm never really thinking. . . well, that's not true. I think. But only about one thing. . .) I bought milk, juice, canned food and loads of other heavy things totaling nearly $90 dollars and then I realized I had to walk home. And while home is very close (so close that I feel stupid driving) the trek back made me feel like a pioneer. The most frustrating part of the block and a half walk wasn't the weight of the bags or the light drizzle. It was the fact that when the bags would bang against my leg and I would look down to see how to better situate things, my glasses would slip to the end of my nose and I then had to walk with my chin way up to prevent them from completely falling off of my face.  I'm sure I looked ridiculous. I prayed that no one would stop and offer to help. I just wanted to be invisible. I feel conspicuous enough being over nine months pregnant, period.

Mikey and I passed the evening hours at the movie theater. I wasn't sure I wanted to go because it's hard for me to sit still, but there were a total of 5 people in the theater (we were 2 of them) so I moved between lying sideways and taking up three chairs, to hanging my feet over the row in front of me, to sitting very straight, to slouching, to lying on Mike. It was awesome.

But seriously, this baby can't get here soon enough. I'm not sure what she's waiting for, but I'm sure she'll be worth the wait!


katie said...

Is it ok to think that grocery store story is funny? Only TWO more days until the baby comes! hooray!

Jessica Rose said...

I am getting anxious FOR you!

Elle and Jared said...

waiting really is the worst. we went to a lot of long movies too. i wished i could've enjoyed it more. looking back, those were some of our best dates, but it feels virtually impossible at the time.

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