Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Letting go to hold her tighter

It's true that having kids changes you. The little one makes Mike even more determined to work hard. He kisses her on the top of the head when he leaves for work and tells her he's going for her. But somehow she's had the opposite effect on me.

I took a midterm last week and got a C. And I was thrilled! When in my life have I ever rejoiced over a C?! My happiness was two-fold. I felt this huge wash of relief that now that I'm obviously out of reach for a good grade, I can stop pretending to care  and just shoot for passing which, by the way, is 50%. And since I got a C, that means I can get like, oh, 30% on the next test AND STILL PASS. Because all I need is the credit. So I can graduate. (Graduate?! So weird.)

I think the babe likes my new relaxation approach to homework because it gives me more time to laugh about the fact that she throws up on herself and does the biggest smile as it runs down her neck. And then I get to count her neck folds as I wipe between each one.



Amy and Mark said...

love this. Good for you girl!! At least you have a great and valid excuse for getting C's on tests....:)

Whitney Taylor said...

love it.

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