Monday, April 25, 2011

You look like a foo'!

Mother's Lounges are sort of my new pleasure in life (have you seen the one in Nordstrom? Every mother should use it). I love legitimately using them. For nursing. (Not napping or studying or talking on your phone while snapping your gum). I used various lounges--which are sometimes just mere stalls or closets with a glider--around campus and I find myself genuinely grateful every time.

I had not, however, ever encountered the bustling Mother's Lounge during church. We're still in the Single's Ward until the end of this month and the various lounges on campus are very, very empty on Sundays. There aren't too many nursing Single's Ward Students.

Mike and I had the rare opportunity of attending our home ward yesterday and who would have known you have to fight to get a glider! you have to wait in line to use the changing table!

But it wasn't really bad. The worst part was my daughter who for some reason decided that she would kick off of the arm rest incessantly, causing her to bounce off and cry. Every 9 seconds. It must have looked like there was a cat fight going on under my blanket. The other mom's couldn't help but look at me. They all asked how old my baby was, as if to say, "Oh don't worry. They get the hang of it. Someday. Oh how old is she? Hmmm, well..." I wanted to hide my blushing cheeks and assure them that Ada and I are actually a competent pair. We've got the nursing thing down.

I couldn't help but think of an analogy Mike's cousin told me about babies and nursing. It's like they are walking through a desert and when they finally reach the oasis, rather than burying their head in the cool water and drinking to their heart's desire, THEY SIT THERE AND SCREAM AT IT.

Baby, you made me look like a fool in the Mother's Lounge. But I forgive you.


Cait said...

When he was about 10 months old, my kid took to standing up while nursing... every time. I would get all situated and then he would plant his feet on my thighs and push himself to standing and eat like that. I thought it was really funny, but public nursing became super awkward and I got many a strange look.

Anna Peterson said...

you should have just gone to the "foo service." plenty of room down there. ;)

Laura said...

Eloise always does that too sometimes, where she will cry and cry that she's hungry, and then when I go to feed her she just swipes her open mouth over my breast, but refuse to latch on, and then just start crying.

Also, the mother's lounge at Nordstrom is SO nice! When I was working there, I always wished I could just go sleep in there on my lunch breaks...

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