Thursday, May 26, 2011


You know what's awesome? The fact that we will have moved 4 times in 13 months by the time we're in Italy. Because we're cool like that.

Remember how I sobbed the night before moving in here?

While I was packing yesterday, I had to take a break to feed the babe and as I sat there in our stripey chair (a place where I spent countless hours during Ada's first few days of life) I was flooded with all of the motherly memories that took place in our living room. The hours on the floor suffering through tummy time. The time spent reading, and giggling, and smiling and cooing. The frustrating moments of figuring out how to care for a baby. A human baby. That I made. With my body. (I STILL can't get over that).

And I cried. Which brought things full circle in sort of a nice way. Through tears I was telling Ada how much I'll miss the big windows and having time alone with her on the floor. I told her that even though she'll never remember this home, I always will because it was where I became a mother.

So although I won't miss the lack of a garbage disposal or a bathroom counter, the moldy looking grout around the tub, the little hole on the floor in the kitchen that I always scuff the bottom of my foot on, doing dishes by hand, or how hard it is to open the bathroom door, I will always have a tender spot in my heart for "The Shallows" (as the local ward calls them) because it's where my heart grew deep and strong.

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