Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mug shot

Hilarious, right? Can you tell how excited she is to go to Italy? I took a much cuter photo that I had all stapled and ready to submit on her passport application, but when we got to the receiving office, they told us that she couldn't be wearing a headband. Even a teeny, tiny headband. Like the one she was wearing. To just indicate that, I don't know, she's a girl or something. (But bald is beautiful!)

I read through the photo instructions on the State Department's website probably a dozen times and no where did it say no headbands. It did say no sunglasses or hats or head coverings. But nothing about head bands. And the woman in the example photo had on a chunky necklace and some earrings. I thought we were in the clear. Guess not.

So we took this photo at the office.

The whole time the guy snapping the photo was going "Pssp! Pssp! Pssp! Psssp!" as if that calms babies? This is the only photo he got where she wasn't wide-mouthed and wailing.

And I can't wait for her to flash it as a five year old and say something like, "What?  You don't recognize me from my passport photo?"

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Jen said...

this is probably my favorite post you've ever posted. I love this.

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