Sunday, September 25, 2011

Primo Membro

We met the very first member of the Bologna Ward (back when it was a branch) today. She was baptized in the Caribbean Sea (after noticing two boys with the first same name, "Elder") in Puerto Rico and moved back to Bologna with her two kids some time later. She looked for a church and found out there wasn't one here yet, so she and her two kids held sacrament meeting in the Elder's apartment each Sunday. They sat in a row on the edge of the bed and taught each other.

She was so full of excitement about the Gospel. She said she had found over 7,000 genealogical names in her family line and submitted them to the temple.

Also, she speaks perfect English (she translated in Sunday School for me. One of the weeks I'm hoping to be able figure all of it out on my own). She has lived half of her life in the United States (mostly big cities--LA, NYC) and she was just visiting Bologna this week.

I secretly wish she'd just stay though. She's probably the most zealous woman I've ever met.

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