Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For the grandparents

"Yes you're going, but can't you leave the baby?"

We heard this request from clamoring grandparents, who told us that while they'll miss us (sort of) they just really want to watch Ada grow. We couldn't leave the baby (come on now . . .) but we can give them a peak into how she spends her days and what some of her new tricks are.

Without the Utah mountains changing colors, it's easy to forget that it's Autumn. Ada helps remind me by finding each crunchy leaf and testing its cruchiness with her mouth. This is a fun game. Especially when she coughs up flecks of brown leaves later.

She has also learned to click her tongue, pick stuff up with her thumb and pointer finger (rock that pincer grasp), and count to 100 in Italian.

Mike has been working hard at teaching Ada how to get off the bed and the couch by herself.  You know, turn around and scoot backwards, not the whole crawl-headlong-off-the-side thing. . . Yesterday she started scooting backwards by herself (!) and has since proudly gotten off the couch and bed independently (if you get her in--or close to--the correct "starting position" on her belly, feet at the edge of the bed). When she touches down on the floor she looks up with a grin and awaits her applause and cheers.

When you don't help her get situated face down, perpendicular to the edge of the bed, she crawls to the edge, sits up precariously, and wobbles around just inches from the edge. Just for fun.

Ada loves the park. She like to swing lounged back while drumming her fingers on the side of the swing. Also, she's already an avid people-watcher (and what a more perfect place to people-watch than the park, right?)

This is Ada with her new friend Taryn. Ada's favorite thing to do with Taryn is steal her toys (or anything she looks like she might be headed for, for that matter). It's like Taryn is the cool girl at school and Ada desperately wants to have everything she does so she can be cool too. Or it's like Ada is a grabby first child who feels entitled to everything. We're working on that too.

Mostly she is just getting sweeter by the day. While she's still a mover (and when she's got some open space she's a non-stopper), but she's getting more cuddly (as in, rather that .5 seconds, she might rest her head on your chest for a full 2 seconds!) and talkative and fun every day.

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