Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fireworks for Petronius

The patron saint of Bologna is Saint Petronius who gave the city new life in the 5th century after many years (decades, centuries) of decline. The Feast of Saint Petronius, the day Bologna celebrates their patron saint is October 4th. Lots of shops were closed, restaurants and stores held select hours. The park was absolutely full of families.

The Piazza Maggiore was set up with a huge stage with bands performing, and another large area was roped off for shooting off fireworks.

Ada celebrated by taking 4 hours worth of naps and we all celebrated later by eating a good dinner, getting gelato, and walking around the Piazza a bit. It was a fun night to be out. Plus, we saw the missionaries in action! Always fun.

The fireworks were set off some time after 11. I was still awake and tried to poke my head out the window in our bedroom to see them. No luck. One disadvantage of being on the ground floor I suppose. It was walls and windows all around.

I was surprised at how different fireworks sound in a city without green space and openness. The sound rolled towards you through the streets, rather than came at you from up above.  They echoed against the walls of the buildings and boomed off the cobblestones.

Next time there are fireworks, I'm going to get someplace where I can watch them.

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