Monday, January 23, 2012


This is what 8 am looks like in Florence. You should try it.
 Florence is stunning. I was stunned at how different it is from Bologna. The portici here truly make this city a unique place, but it's amazing to be somewhere without them because I realize how often I'm stuck in a tunnel and not looking up at the beauty and architecture I'm surely breezing past here in Bologna.

Ada and I went with CathBath and left Mikey home to write a paper. It was a long day (we woke up at 5 to catch the 6:43 train) but the cheap ticket was worth it. We also got there before any sort of lines started forming (also, let's be real, it's January. Not really the height of tourist season). And extra bonus and proof of the fact that the early bird gets the worm (and cheap tickets, and no lines, and views off the Duomo without 80 other tourists to look over).

We walked the length of the city first and then went straight to the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. It's so impressive in real life. The whole day felt like a day in my Art History 202 class. And I wished I had my notes (or that my brain worked like Mikey's and I could recall every lecture from my undergrad at the drop of a hat). I'll have to read up before my next trip back.

The day was sunny and beautiful and relatively free of tourists. We didn't wait in any lines and didn't feel rushed to see this or that. We just absorbed. It was awesome.

la Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore
I remember feeling bad for Mikey as he wore Ada up the Asinelli Tower. I don't feel bad anymore. My climb up the cupola was that on steroids. When we got to the top lots of people asked how the climb was with a passenger. Not bad. Because I'm practically a baby myself and have all the spring in my step of a teenage mother. But my back was really glad we had the stroller waiting.

Giotto’s Campanile. And near the spot where Ada launched her hat overboard. May it rest in peace in Florence.

 I didn't take too many photos. I know I'll be back and it was nice being able to take in the city with just my eyes, and not through a viewfinder. But I think next time we're there we need to spend at least two days. And I need an extra set of hands (or a few extra sets?) so I can use mine to write and sketch and make notes. And feed myself gelato.

Ada out front la Basilica di Santa Croce

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