Friday, January 6, 2012

I have confidence in sunshine

I've been thinking about confidence lately. Mostly, I've been thinking about what affect others' confidence in me has on my behavior.

In a letter I recently got from my dad, he said I am a "good and attentive mother". He has confidence in my ability to mother Ada.
My grandparents have confidence in my art.
Mike has confidence in my testimony.

In general, I think others' confidence in us makes us more confident in ourselves. But why is this so? Is it because we believe them? Is it because we feel a responsibility to live up to their confidence in us? No matter where the motivation stems from, I'm grateful to be surrounded by people who believe in me.

If I could pick a theme that I learned over and over again in 2011 it would be that I am more capable than I thought I was. I think we all are more capable than we think we are. We are capable of so much because we are divine beings. We have a spiritual pedigree that is far beyond our comprehension. Our spirits animate our bodies. And our spirits were created by an omniscient Father. And we can be endowed with as much power and help from Him as we ask for.

In that spirit, two of my resolutions are to: 1) Ask for help more readily, and 2) Let others know that I have confidence in them.

Guess who has top teeth?

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Elle Keeps Moving said...

i really love this post. and i think it's true. and ada's top teeth are adorable. solomon's just broke through this week too. is it weird i'm a little sad about it? loving your blog and all the updates. still living vicariously.

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